I have so many different passions. My passions make me a scatterbrain when it comes to determining big decisions. One second I think I want to be a music producer, the next something in the video production field, and now I’m majoring in business. How does that even happen? Business classes are so boring..there is nothing about these classes that intrigue me. But I know I need to know them to get to my main goal at the end of the day. n 2013, I came to Kutztown University of Pennsylvania thinking I would be an Electronic Media major. Along the way I even picked up a sociology minor; inspired by Professor O’Boyle . Which, I highly recommend you take at least one of his classes because it was life changing. I loved my Electronic Media classes, they were hands on, I could use my creativity and tweak things that weren’t perfect. I felt smart in those classes. I knew I had something special that no one else had. Other students needed to make story boards or write thing out to. I already knew what angle and shot I needed for each scene to make media aesthetics. I worked on my projects “the wrong way” but they always came out just the same as everyone else’s. Sometimes better. My creativity and ideas alway out shined everyone else’s. I knew I had more to offer than just this limited and competitive field.

So, I switched my major to Business Marketing. By learning about the  business field, I can learn to open my own business, how to handle financials, what goes into management, business laws, marketing, etc. I could also use these things more likely in everyday life. My goal after college would be to get into advertisements. I would love to apply my skills in video production with television marketing. It would be amazing to make commercials for the Super Bowl. I could definitely top any Doritos commercial. My major in Business Marketing and Sociology and Electronic Media minors compliments my career goal. My knowledge that I learned from my classes will definitely help me get to follow one my many passions.


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