The basics of what to expect and know before pursing an advertising career.

If I want to get into advertising I most likely will need to join an advertising agency. According to recent research (an article from 2016), there is a surplus of advertising and marketing agencies that are willing to hire. I thought this career field would be more competitive, but since some agencies tailor to particular industries or sectors there is a variety of openings.

When working with a marketing team communication is vital. It is important that the agency communicates with the brand team and client. As an employee I need to have open communication with the multiple department teams in the agency and my client when developing advertisements. I would need to be flexible tweaking program strategies and patient with clients changing their marketing campaign. It is important to communicate and be open-minded to ideas or new strategies because the agency’s vision could be completely different than what the client had in mind. It is also important to be flexible because sometimes the client’s budget changes and the agency needs to be able to re-adjust the campaign to fit their new budget.

When working for an agency I need to have knowledge about the client’s business and the industry they are competing against. Most importantly I need to know and understand the client’s vision, goals and objectives, upcoming promotions, competitors, target market, and the client’s expectations of the advertising agency and advertisement/marketing approach. When being part of an advertising agency I need to also be able to differentiate the client’s brand from competitors. Being able to cut through all the advertising clutter with a killer campaign for my client makes me an asset to them. This essentially will bring me back more business by retention of clients and client referrals.


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