After reading the article “So You Want To Be Your Own Boss” by Tamara Monosoff, I learned becoming an entrepreneur I can create the magical coffee shop I one day dream of. Aside from working in marketing, I always wanted to open my own coffee shop bar. My main goal of my coffee shop bar is to bring people together. I want my customers to put their phones down and actually talk to the person across from them. There will be a large selection of comfy couches to sit and tables to sit at. I would network with local colleges for artwork and cool graphic designs to display each week. I would reach out to local musicians, poets, and host open mic nights to bring the community in too. Everything in my coffee shop will be visually appealing, which will allow customers who are strangers to one another something to talk  about. There will be cozy lights around the room, unique and funky lamps, interesting wall pieces, artwork, cute little knick knacks, and even chalkboard walls for customers waiting in line to doodle on or respond to the question of the week (example, “What Does Love Mean To You?”). There will be shelves full of books, coloring books, card games, board games, and everything you can think of to kill time while you wait for your delicious drink to be served. On Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, my coffee shop can be transformed into a real bar, and each night will be a different theme: karaoke night, trivia night, minute to win it nights, etc.

         At all hours we are open, customers twenty-one and up can grab coffee, hot chocolate, tea, or smoothies with a splash of their favorite liqueurs: Kahlua, Baileys, Jameson, etc. Tamara Monosoff stresses that as an entrepreneur I need to know my target audience “before I spend a penny”.  That being said, anyone who loves any kind of fun drinks or “wake me up” drinks are my target. This limits my age group to 18-30 years old. If I am able to purchase a liquor license my age group target would probably be more around 21+. Of course younger customers are welcomed but since liquor will be served at a coffee shop it might bring in an older crowd (21 and up) because they are trying to get a little spike in their drink after that long work day. The target market I would be channeling would be those who prefer to sit down in a warm and welcoming coffee shop during work breaks, when meeting up with friends, just to relax, or to even meet new people.
          Tamara Monosoff states that being if I plan on being an entrepreneur I need to identify the right business for myself. With all the passion I have to build a community, I think creating my own coffee shop with the objective of genuine togetherness could become a reality. It can be become a reality with advertising on the experience customers would have entering my building and providing customers with quality drinks at a reasonable price. I will need to advertise and get my name out there. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and networking are my friends. I need to make reach out to other entrepreneurs and create articles, blogs, and flyers, etc. I need to definitely do more research by visiting other coffee shops and leading competitors to see what they are lacking so I can improve my own business. Although, there is no real gap in the market for more coffee places such as Panera, Dunkin Donuts, or Starbucks, there is still a target market for these types of people who would rather avoid a dirty, fast-paced food chain with little to no human interaction. In which these typical chains more times than not mess up your order and/or can’t clarify on how to spell your name right.


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