Every article I have read so far regarding career and internship research has stressed to get a LinkedIn Profile. To my understanding, it offers many networking opportunities and helps you get connected. Job’s do not use Facebook to look for job candidates. Since only a third of people have LinkedIn it will help me stand out against the competition. By these statistics, I think it’s time I make an account. A paper resume will only get me so far. By being able to network my resume, read about job opportunities, and communicate with employers or people in my field, I will be much more successful. LinkedIn is also a great resource for internships. According to Susan Adams, author of “6 Things You Must Do To Get Your First Job After College”, 85% said they believed having an internship is either important or very important for their career. I have not started an internship yet, but I see that it is important that I do. Scoring an internship will help me network and gain experience for my field. If I am lucky I may even get a job there when I graduate.

 It is also helpful for job applicants to own a blog. By owning a blog on websites such as GoDaddy or WordPress, it allows employers hiring to see how well I can write. Writing well is extremely important in the workplace. Most places will not hire an applicant if they cannot write effectively or produce certain documents. The blogs can be about practically anything. Writing about topics specifically in your field would be better, but anything to show a future employers that you can proofread and make clear sentences is sufficient.

It is important for me and any student to use resources your colleges provides you. They are free and offer amazing tools to success. Most of these services will proofread and help you write resumes and cover letters. I have personally utilized my own college’s career services office for resume help and each time I feel like my resume represents myself well. There are free workshops and special events which could potentially help you choose a career, choose a major, learn about job strategies, and more. They will help you prepare for interviews and get connected with an alumni in your field.


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