Creating your own personal brand is how we market ourselves to others. It is based on your passions, motivation to success and your personal qualities. When figuring out what your passion is, it takes time and research. When putting your qualities towards your personal brand you need to have an equal balance of your self-impression and how others perceive you. In a way, your personal brand is kind of like your reputation. Once other’s start remembering what your about-people remember your name. For example, that star jock from your high school…if he never won that winning touch down, most likely no one besides his teammates would know his name. But since if he was an all-star football player most people would know him by his reputation: what he is capable of, his strengths, and how his school friends perceive him.

I personally am still working on my personal brand by asking my friends and taking the time to really think about it. So far I have made a list of strengths that I think will stand out the most against my competitors in the workforce. Besides my friends, I have asked my family, advisors, and co-workers to write three to five things strengths about me. I then have to choose a word or phrase that would represent myself. Along with that, I need to develop a short pitch that describes my strengths in more detail. A personal brand is a short and straight-forward slogan about yourself. Finding my personal brand is challenging to me because I have so much to offer, but I do not want to limit my brand by just a few strengths.

Online Resources:

After you have established your personal brand we then want to get ourself out there. The newest thing in today’s generation is online network resources. Today you can put almost anything to promote yourself on the web! We can even put our resume online which is helpful to stay on top of job searches and communicating with people in our field of interest. Online resume’s are beneficial because they are shareable and available to a variety of communities looking to network. is the most common website used for online resumes, cover letters, productive networking, personal advertising, job searches, or to meet new people. Online resumes should include your personal brand, important information that targets your desired job position, and anything else that makes you stand out against competition. Websites such as and are social networks also that allow you to show off your creative skills and work through an online portfolio.

Networking Your Brand:

Business cards are also helpful to get your name out there when you are meeting new people. Business cards should contain your picture, your personal brand statement, and contact information. With today’s technology you can create your own business card and share it using your smartphone or computer. Websites such as or are great resources if you are interested in using an online business card. is also an easy and helpful social network website for creating business cards and distributing them.

And Lastly:

After you are done creating your personal brand; business cards, resume, cover letters, and/or LinkedIn profile, you have to network a little further. Now that you have invested all this time creating online resources to get your name out there, you will now have to get your target audience to notice you. Writing articles, attending events, speaking at events, sending emails to reporters, apply for magazine space, and whatever else you can think of, are just some of the ways you can get noticed!



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