Social Media has become a huge impact in the last ten years. Almost everyone is part of some form of social media or online community. Personally, I have accounts in over five different platforms. It’s accessible, it’s quick and to the point when searching for information, it’s easy to stay in the loop, and you can “follow” topics of interest and all your favorite companies for coupons and sales; all at your convenience of not leaving your bed. Social media is helpful from a business stand point and as a job searcher. Company’s are becoming more innovated when it comes to getting their name out and how they advertise on these platforms. Whether it’s ads and/or promo posts on Facebook or scrolling down Twitter, companies are cracking down on which online platforms are best to advertise on to reach their target market.  It also is helpful for job searchers using networking websites like LinkedIn and other online communities.

From what I’ve learned from the article “16 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Pros” there is a lot that goes into business’s marketing that I did not realize. Businesses can tweak their Facebook settings to advertise, promote certain posts, or to create ads. Facebook lets their users with company accounts optimize promotional posts by surfacing ads to friends/followers so the company get more page visits. When using media, it’s also important to choose pictures you’re using for social media market wisely because everyone interprets things in different ways. You have to be make sure the picture you choose is conveying the right message. If you add a title overlay with the picture your advertising it will draw attention to viewers and get more people to click your link to read more. It’s important to take the time to also do research on your target audience. As a business owner trying to get noticed, it is sometimes better to choose a few social media platforms that the company’s customers/target audience is using the most; rather than wasting time and money on networks that doesn’t hit the target audience as much.”Give-aways” are also great ways to get people’s attention because who doesn’t like free stuff? It is also a valid way to get “influencers” in “real job” industries to share your content and blogs.

In regards to job search websites/apps like “Here on Biz” allows you to connect with your LinkedIn  account and it will show you who is in your area that you may want to meet up and connect with. This app allows you to meet face-to-face with a person which allows certain opportunities to potentially arise. Also, by being more in touch with you LinkedIn you can sync your network contacts to your calendar. By doing so, you can congratulate your LinkedIn “friends” that are getting promoted or even just their birthday-either way you can strike up a conversation congratulating them, and this could potentially lead to an opportunity or better networking relationship.


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