Diffusion of Innovation

The Casper Mattress was originally was created in 2014 and but is now one of the most successful mattresses after their positive innovations. The Casper company took their customer’s feedback into consideration and innovated their mattresses based on the product’s observability, complexity, compatibility, communicability, and relative advantage in the market. The Casper has innovated their mattress to now have five different layers. The layers include, responsive memory foam, adaptive transition foam, durable support foam, and a woven cover. These five layers provide pressure relief, deep comfort with consistent weight distribution, long-lasting durability, and to ensure a breathable, flexible sleeping surface. These improvements are observable to customers because they can now feel and see the difference in their sleep, comfort, product quality, and avoidance in mattress sinkage. Because of this new innovation, customers will see and feel the benefits, such as, never having to flip their Casper Mattress like other mattresses. An observable and communicable innovation that customers can now appreciate is the odorless smell of the Casper Mattress. Many memory foam mattresses, leave off a chemical-like odor during the first few days of use. However, Casper mattress, do not leave unpleasant odors.

After Casper has reviewed individual compatibility feedback, they designed their product to closely match consumer’s lifestyle, needs, wants, beliefs, values. Their mattresses are easy to purchase, easy to choose from (since there is only one universal bed choice), quick delivery, easy unpackaging, and long lasting quality. Casper Mattress’ are designed to fit on any flat surfaces that customers most likely already own: box spring, flat platform, slatted base, or even as simple as the floor.  They have simplified the complexity of searching for the perfect mattress, thanks to the Casper Mattress’ one mattress fits all design. The company has designed a universally comfortable mattress for people of all shapes, sizes, and preferences. The Casper has cut out the complexity and frustration trying the dozens of retail mattress, to only offer one single “perfect” choice. The Casper is engineered to contour to the customer’s body to relieve pressure and cool temperature.  

The Casper provides free shipping and returns. The compared to the traditional mattress purchases, the bringing home of your mattress is quick and hassle free. When customers purchase their beds online, they typically ship out of their facilities in 1-2 business days after you place the order. After shipment, beds take 1-5 business days in transit to arrive at your door. The casper delivers your desired size mattress compress in a small box that can fit through any door. This makes the delivery process much easier and a customer’s life much more simple. Rather than customer’s paying for mattress delivery, lugging it up the stairs, or even providing your transportation can be costly and a hassle. The Casper provides a 100-night sleep trial with a refund if the customer does not like the mattress. The company also provides a 10 year warranty for their mattresses with no restocking fees.

The award-winning Casper Mattress has changed the way people shop for mattress. The benefits in communicability, compatibility, ease of complexity, and observable are a relative advantage in itself, compared to the market industry. Another competitive advantage is that the company sells their mattress for so much less than retail stores. They are able to sell their mattresses at such an affordable cost is because they do not waste money on large showrooms, commissioned salespeople, overstocked inventories, or excessive shipping costs. Instead, they sell our mattress directly online. Mattresses are manufactured in the US and shipped to you fresh from the factory. All Casper Mattress’ are handmade in the United States with components coming from Illinois, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and New York City. But the observable relative advantage of the Casper company is the convenient mattress delivery. The Casper compress your mattress in a small box that can fit through doorways and is easy to carry.



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