Research Paper:
How Marketers Targeted Consumers Based on Their Personality Types

My friend Justin and I took the Carl Jung Typology Test and the Big Five personality test once as each other and then once as ourselves. The four test results allowed Justin and I to better understand our personalities and characteristic traits. Personality determines how a person will respond to the environment based on the individual psychological characteristics. The Big Five personality test measures the five fundamental dimensions of personality: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. The Carl Jung Typology Test characterizes individuals based on attitude, preference in perception, and how he or she judges. The four test results also helped Justin and I recognize how marketers target consumers based on specific qualities, attributes, traits, factors, and mannerisms to target consumers.

Justin and I were able to compare our actual self-image and social self-image after analyzing the results with each other. Actual self-image is how a individual sees oneself and social self-image is how a individual thinks others view him or herself. When comparing my Carl Jung Typology Test results and the Big Five personality test results with Justin’s results on how he viewed me, the score was either identical or close in number in the way I viewed and scored myself. When comparing Justin’s personal scores with how I viewed and scored him on the two personality tests, the number of scores was not as close in comparison. Given the differences in test scores, there are some logical reasons of why the scores are sometimes close and sometimes distant in accuracy. For example, Justin’s test results for how he perceives information shows his actual self to be intuitive but I view Justin’s as an individual who uses his senses. In this situation Justin knows himself better than I would on how he perceives information. Justin and I scored his attitude high in being an extravert. The reason why Justin’s results and my results are similar is because he knows how he acts in social settings and I have seen the way he acts outside of classes influencing the way I view him. Outside of class, I have seen the way Justin talks to his peers, how he interacts at social events, and I know he has taken leadership positions in his clubs and other extracurricular activities which help shape his social self-image.

Justin and I thought the two personality tests were fairly accurate based on our individual results. Justin and I thought the Carl Jung Typology Test was less accurate than the Big Five personality test because the questions were too general/broad, and we were unable to answer the questions correctly. Although, Justin and I could not answer Carl Jung Typology Test questions precisely, we found our results to represent our personalities and traits well for the most part. After reading the description for ESTJ personalities, I can relate to the results. My results confirm that I am a person who stands up for oneself and others, I seek like-minded companionship in groups, clubs, and extracurricular activities, I believe in strong work ethic, and that I believe prestige should be worked for and earned.

The attributes that I scored for the Carl Jung Typology Test and the Big Five personality test can be broken down into detailed characteristics, specific qualities, traits, and factors. Characteristics of an individual can be used in the marketing industry when targeting consumers to buy specific products or services. My Big Five personality test results are a 41 percent in openness, 69 percent in conscientiousness, 79 percent in extraversion, 90 percent in agreeableness, and four percent in neuroticism. A consumer with a high conscientiousness score like myself, would be interested in products that help the individual stay organized while being self-disciplined and alert. An example of a specific product for a conscientiousness person would be a agenda planner because the individual is aware of the upcoming events and tasks they need to be organized for without the help of others. A few examples of specific products that marketers would target towards an extraverted person would be a karaoke machine, extreme sports equipment, and music speakers. The market is able to determine what these consumers would be interested in because they know extraverted people are outgoing, sociable, talkative, and enjoys the company of others. The market would target shy and reserved introverts with specific products like video games, books, and headphones. Marketers selling eco-friendly products such as recycled wrapping paper, environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, biodegradable/disposable bags, and toilet paper without the cardboard roll would want to target individuals with high results in agreeableness because these types of people tend to be considerate of the feelings of others, good natured, courteous, and supportive. Individuals who are intuitive make decisions based on instinct because they use previous experiences to determine what is true even without a conscious reason. Products an intuitive person would buy could be name brands the individual is loyal to or any specific products he or she has purchased in the past such as Apple devices, lotion specific for the individuals skin needs, hair products like shampoo, conditioner, hairspray.

The test results for Justin and I conclude the scores are mostly accurate for our personalities. After reading the description for each attribute we scored, Justin and I were able to understand how marketers target people like us based on our personality. Justin and I were also able to analyze what types of products consumers would want to buy based of information from the personality tests.


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