Analysis of how consumers relate to products differently than brands:

The purchase of a specific brand is based more on emotion connections and purchases of products in general are based on functionality. When brands and products are used together they compliment each other because a product identifies the functional benefit that the customer will receive and the brand creates an emotional connection for the customer based on the end reward and result of the brand’s product. A “brand” can be described as a specific label for a product that is manufactured by a particular company under a particular name. A “product” can be described as an item that is manufactured and can be sold to individuals and/or organizations. Brands are purchased by consumers because of how they perceive the company’s products.

A brand can target a customer’s emotions based on previous experiences. If the customer had a positive experience with a specific brand, the customer will be more likely to repurchase the product and spread the word to others about that specific name brand benefits. If the customer had a negative experience with a specific brand they are unlikely to repurchase and they will warn others to not purchase a product from that specific brand. When a company focuses on emotional connections and benefits it can communicate a stronger message to customers, which helps persuade customers to buy name brand’s products. Products are more functional based because consumers like to be reminded of the benefits and how a product can make a difference in their lives. Functional benefits can differentiated the company’s products and communicate the unsatisfied needs that customers are looking for.


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