Recognizing Symbols, Rituals/Artifacts and Cultural Values in Advertisements

Evaluation of content & examination of symbols, rituals/artifacts and cultural values in commercial advertisements.  Commercial Links Analyzed: Johnny Walker Commercial &  General Electric Commercial After reviewing and analyzing the Johnny Walker commercial and General Electric commercial, the comparisons in symbols, values, and rituals are clear. The Johnny Walker commercial begins showing two brothers walking down a long road in the middle … Continue reading Recognizing Symbols, Rituals/Artifacts and Cultural Values in Advertisements


Marketers Targeting Specific Personality Types

Research Paper: How Marketers Targeted Consumers Based on Their Personality Types My friend Justin and I took the Carl Jung Typology Test and the Big Five personality test once as each other and then once as ourselves. The four test results allowed Justin and I to better understand our personalities and characteristic traits. Personality determines how … Continue reading Marketers Targeting Specific Personality Types

Whole Foods Market Recommendations

Analysis of Whole Foods Market: Observations, Opportunities, Recommendations, & Conclusions Whole Foods Market’s opportunities are constructed around current competition and the global market. The firm’s current competition is the threat of low-cost competition firms such as Walmart and other organic and health food retailers that offer lower prices (Lawrence Gregory). The company can overcome the … Continue reading Whole Foods Market Recommendations

The Difference Between Brands & Products

Analysis of how consumers relate to products differently than brands: The purchase of a specific brand is based more on emotion connections and purchases of products in general are based on functionality. When brands and products are used together they compliment each other because a product identifies the functional benefit that the customer will receive and … Continue reading The Difference Between Brands & Products

Success of New Products

Diffusion of Innovation The Casper Mattress was originally was created in 2014 and but is now one of the most successful mattresses after their positive innovations. The Casper company took their customer’s feedback into consideration and innovated their mattresses based on the product’s observability, complexity, compatibility, communicability, and relative advantage in the market. The Casper … Continue reading Success of New Products