This blog page is a collection of my analyzed case studies inspired by my Business Strategy & Policy course at Kutztown University.

The course, Business Strategy and Policy is a collaboration of the concepts and skills learned over time from business prerequisites like financial and managerial accounting, basic management, principles of marketing, and operations management. These concepts are applied during our case-study projects and applied to the overall management of an organization. This course put us in the shoes of top management in determination and implementing strategies. The course places emphasis on the integration of corporate, international, business unit, and functional areas strategies of modern business organizations. During this course I have learned how to set objectives, design strategic plans, allocate resources, and control organization performance.

The critical thinking skills gained from this course are important because employees, especially in leadership positions should be able to analyze situations in different perspectives and how to best assess the current situation. Critical thinkers are able to answer the question of what is happening and why it is happening question, and they are able to resolve problems, generate ideas in difficult situations, and see potential opportunities some may see as challenges.